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This provider lookup contains all currently active Wyoming Medicaid providers (physicians, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, etc.), but not all providers may be accepting new Wyoming Medicaid clients. The provider address and phone number(s) may not be the most current. Please contact the provider to verify their address and that they are accepting new Wyoming Medicaid clients.


Wyoming Medicaid has approximately 9,000 providers. To narrow your search, you must enter a Provider Type and Specialty or the provider's last name. Provider Type is the type of provider you are going to see for your appointment, such as, dentist, outpatient clinic/centers, suppliers, physicians, etc. Once you select a Provider Type you must further narrow your search by choosing the Provider's Specialty. For example, you select the Provider Type of Physicians and then select Pediatrics from the Provider Specialty drop down box.


Your next step is to enter one or more of the following:


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4. Zip Code


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