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HIPAA 5010

Ensure your transactions conform to the Wyoming HIPAA 5010 Electronic Specifications (formerly known as Companion Guides). These specifications can be found in chapters 8 and 9 of the Provider Manuals.  These chapters should be used in conjunction with the TR3 documents.


  • All Submitters, software vendors, billing agents, providers and clearinghouses are required to test all their software transactions to ensure HIPAA 5010 compliance prior to submitting production claims to Wyoming Medicaid. This does not apply to the Wyoming Medicaid Secure Provider Web Portal or WINASAP.
  • Contact EDI Services at 1-800-672-4959 Option 3.
  • For detailed testing information refer to the Wyoming HIPAA 5010 Electroinic Specifications

Phase 2 EDI Clearinghouse Testing

EDI Submitter HIPAA 5010 Testing Information

Wyoming Medicaid Electronic Billing Applications

Wyoming Medicaid is not requiring re-enrollment for HIPAA 5010 Transactions. The forms below are only required to be completed by new submitters, software vendors, billing agents, providers and clearinghouses or anyone that is currently enrolled that needs to update their electronic billing information.
Wyoming Medicaid Clearinghouse Authorization Form
Wyoming Medicaid Clearinghouse Application
EDI Enrollment Application

Coming in December

Wyoming Medicaid Secure Provider Web Portal (HIPAA 5010)

  • The Secure Web Portal will be compliant with HIPAA 5010 by January 1, 2012
  • Training Tutorials will be updated accordingly