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Cybersecurity Awareness

This is an improtant message from the Wyoming Department of Health for Wyoming hospitals, public health nursing offices, healthcare facilities, and Medicaid providers.

At approximately 3:00 a.m. today, Campbell County Hospital (CCH) experienced serious computer issues due to possible malicious online activity.  This has resulted in a service disruption at the hospital. An investigation is underway.

At this time, (1:30 p.m.on Friday) phone systems at CCH are operational.  However, there will be no new inpateient admissions and no outpatient lab, respiratory therapy, and radiology exams or procedures.  CCH is currently operating under ful diversion status.  Patients who need to seek treatment at the emergency room and the Walk-In Clinic will be triaged and transferred to an appropriate care facility as needed.

At this time , we have no additional information on the nature of the service disruption or a timeline for CCH to return to full operations.

Contact your agency IT department and the See Something Say Something line at 833-446-4188 if you have any suspicious activity on your computer.

Please make sure your computers and servers have up-to-date antivirus protection.

Please see the following website for additional information regarding ransomware.

Protecting Against Ransomware https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/tips/ST19-001


Wyoming AMRP Draft 6.2019

Whether you need help finding a doctor in your area, have additional questions, or need to request travel assistance, this website is here to help.  Please see below the functions of each link to better assist you in navigating this website.

Client Portal - The Client Secured Web Portal is secure way to check your eligibility, complete a transportation request, request a Medicaid ID card or to send a question to Ask Wyoming Medicaid.

Client Newsletters - Wyoming Medicaid sends out Health Check Newsletters to Wyoming Medicaid clients. All of the newsletters that have been sent out in the past can be found here.

Find a doctor, hospital or clinic - Trying to find a doctor in your area?  This section will help you in finding doctors, hospitals and clinics that are enrolled in Wyoming Medicaid.

Find a pharmacy - Trying to find a pharmacy in your area? This section will help you in finding a pharmacy that is enrolled in Wyoming Medicaid.

DFS County Office - This is a list of the DFS Offices listed by County.

Wyoming Medicaid Handbook - The Wyoming Medicaid Handbook assists in many ways.  It contains information regarding eligibility, how to apply for benefits, what services are covered through Medicaid, what is not covered benefits, and much more.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Notice - Privacy Notice for the website

Training & Tutorials - If you need assistance with registering for the Client Secured Web Portal , you will find a tutorial here.

Travel Assistance Manual - For any questions regarding travel assistance, there is a Travel Assistance Manual available in English and Spanish.


High Fidelity Wraparound helps keep youth at home, in school and out of trouble. Call 307-459-6162 M-F, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.or 1-855-883-8740 after business hours. Visit www.MagellanofWyoming.com for more information.

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The following actions can only be completed in the secured portal:

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