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2019 Training

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Institutional Claims
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Severe Malocclusion Program
Workshop 2019 New Providers
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APR-DRG Training Navigant
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Common Billing Institutional 2019
Hospital Billing 2019
Indian Health Services 2019
New Provider and Billers Presentation 2019
Nursing Home 2019
Wyoming Medicaid Billing for WYHIMA 2019
Wyoming Medicaid Common Issues 2019

2018 Training

All Providers
Wyoming Medicaid Program Integrity

Dental Tutorial 4.30.18
Dental Workshop 2018


FQHCs and RHCs Billing Training 2018
Hospital, ASC, and PRTF Billing Training 2018
New Provider Presentation 2018
Nursing Home and Hospice Billing training 2018
Professional Billing Training 2018

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2018 Presentation/Webinars/Trainings

2018 Workshop Q & A
Children's Special Health/Maternal and Family Travel Assistance Training

Training 2017

Enrollment Tutorial for ECSII
5 Ways to Apply for Medicaid
Breast and Cervical Cancer Fact Sheet
Community Choices Home and Community Based Waiver
Hospice Fact Sheet
Medicaid Programs for EID
Medicaid Programs for Children Fact Sheet
Medicaid Programs for Families Fact Sheet
New PE Fact Sheet
Nursing Home Fact Sheet
Pregnant by Choice Fact Sheet
Pregnant Women Fact Sheet
Wyoming Medicaid Programs 2017 Presentation
Medicare Savings Program Fact Sheet
Provider Visits Behavioral Health Providers
Provider Workshop 2017 Provider Services Update
Wyoming Medicaid Billing for IHS and 638 Facilities
Vision Presentation 1.27.17

Training 2016

Telehealth Webinar
Family Planning Conference 6.29.16
Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Services -  July 2016
Immunization Conference Presentation 5.11.16

Training 2015
Wyoming Medicaid Ambulance Services Presentation 8.17.15
Vision Presentation 1.30.15

2015 Dental Workshop Presentations
Dental Provider Checklist 2015
Wyoming Medicaid Web Portal Presentation
Medicaid Dental Program Policy Review
2015 Provider Workshop Survey

2015 Institutional/Professional Workshop Presentations
Medicaid Decision Making, ICD-10 and Legislative Changes for 2015
WYhealth Provider Workshop Presentation
Wyoming State Family and Children's Programs
Wyoming Medicaid Provider Information and Resources
Wyoming Medicaid Provider Web Portal
Wyoming Medicaid Program Integrity
2015 Provider Workshop Survey