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Dental General Manual, Covered Services and Bulletins


Provider Dental Manuals

Dental Manual (Updated .4.1.21)

Policy Reminder for Use of Code D1330

2021 Q&A Sessions -  Hurry to Sign Up

General Reminders and Enrollment Updates

Wyoming Department of Health EUR Webinar

Tribal Provider Manual (4.1.21)

Wyoming Medicaid 2020 Dental Fee Schedule

Wyoming Medicaid 2021 Dental Fee Schedule

Edits EOBs and Resolutions 4.2.20
This is a list of edits that may post when verifying claims in the Secure Web Portal, along with the possible EOB codes that would post on any claim denials.  Each edit and EOB code combination has a suggested resolution.

Provider Medicaid and State Health Care Benefit Plan 4.12.21

Important Policy Changes/Additions

Dental Manual (Update 1.1.21)
Dental Manual (Update 10.1.20)
Dental Manual (Update 7.1.20)
Dental Manual (Update 4.1.20)
Dental Manual (Update 1.1.20)
Dental Manual (Update 10.1.19)
Dental Manual (Update 7.1.19)
Dental Manual (Updated 4.1.19)
Dental Manual (Updated 1.1.19)
Dental Manual (Updated 10.1.18)
Dental Manual (Updated 7.1.18)

Tribal Provider Manual (Update 1.1.21)

 Malocclusion Program

Severe Malocclusion Program Provider Training
Orthodontic Parent Handout (English)
Orthodontic Parent Handout (Spanish)
SMP Request Packet
Prior Authorization Request SMP
Malocclusion Treatment Request Form
Medicaid Client Primary Dental Insurance Attestation Form
Malocclusion Referral form for Clients under 12
Oral Surgery Request Form

Dental Forms

Dental Provider Client Acceptance Form
Prior Authorization Request Dental
Oral Surgery Request Form
Attachment Cover Sheet
Adjustment /Void Form (118K)
Order vs Delivery Date Form
Dental Provider Client Acceptance Form Update
Tooth Replacement Request Form

Dental Provider Resources

Dental New Provider 2020 Training
Dental Advanced Provider 2020 Training
Dental FAQs
Dental Tutorial

Dental Bulletins